03 August 2011

Pretty Little Birdhouses

Remember when we were making our Living Wreath and I fell in love with how the watercolours came out on the tiny birdhouse? We did buy some larger naked houses to paint and I love them, too! We started with crayon and Kaia worked long and hard on one house, then asked me to colour the other two while she ran off to play. ;)

Seeing as she felt she'd spent long enough on this project for the day, we put them away and got them out again a few days later to paint. I dunked them in water first so that the paint would blend and flow, this yields quick results and so Kaia was happy to sit and paint all three bird houses.

After they were dry, I slapped a coat of clear sealant on them. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of them all before she'd given one to her Grandmother for her Birthday, which was of course the one she drew herself, but here are the other two finished. She gave one more to her Uncle for his Birthday, and we hung the last outside. We'll see if anyone calls it home!

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