14 June 2011


Beltane kind of snuck up on me this year, so we just played with what we had on hand. We had lots and lots of dandelions, and I showed Kaia how to string them together into crowns and necklaces by splitting the stem and running the stem of the next flower through it.

She helped me make one for Katalin, too.

We have a pole of near our playground which I guess once was part of a volleyball net? We used it for our may pole and wrapped it with streamers left over from Kaia's Birthdays parties. Kaia danced each streamer around the pole until it was all wrapped up. 

 When she grew tired of of dandelion adornments, I hung them on the knot at the top of the pole.

It looked so bright and pretty on a very grey day!

Kaia continued picking dandelions, and made a beautiful dandelion cake for us to enjoy. :)

We enjoyed our day outside, the flowers beginning to bloom, the simple pleasure of being able to spend all day long out of doors. We celebrated the soon to be warm weather, each others' company, and the new season just beginning.

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