06 August 2011

A Broom for the Faeries

So far this year, the only thing Kaia and I had done for her faerie garden was replacing some of the mosses that didn't make it through the winter earlier this Spring. Therefore, unsurprisingly, she had not had a terrible amount of interest in her little garden this year. Them my Mum brought her a tiny conifer tree to put in her garden, and she has been crazy about it! So the last few days have been a crazy rush of making neat new things for her garden, starting with transplanting the entire thing into a bigger pot. 

Oh, but we have been having fun! We've made lots of little things out of clay, and the furniture she has wanted ever since we made the faerie house. Next on the list will be the making of some little faeries to play with in it. She's not minded so far using random pieces of sticks or whatever to pretend to be faeries and people. She's a bit older and has seen faerie dolls and decided that they look more fun than sticks. :)

For now, though, we will start with the tiny broom. You can use dried grass, or cut up straw, or any number of things for the bristles, but I used a few strands that fell off of her rainbow broomcorn broom to make a faerie broom that matches hers. I also used a small length of thin gauged beading wire, a small pair of pliers, a twig, and a couple drops of super glue. Start by laying the end of your wire parallel to the stick and pointing down, then wrap your wire around and around it to secure it in place and safely cover the point of the wire.

 Cut your bristles twice the length you want them to be and bend them each in half, holding them together in a bunch. Use the loose end of your wire to first thread through the loops where your bristles are bent in half. The more you go through the more secure the bristles will be, and if you have the patience to actually go through all of them you could forgo any superglue. From there, simply wrap the wire tightly around all the bristles and the stick and tuck the end tightly inside the wiring.

 If you did not go through all the bristle loops with your wire, put a drop or two of superglue into the top (where the bristles are bent,) so that loose strands do not fall out. If you wish, trim the bottom a little more neatly. Hand over to your little one for play! So far mine has not done any sweeping, but her little dolls have done an awful lot of flying on it!

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  1. How clever, I love this! Thank you for sharing.


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