08 August 2011

Faerie Furniture

(Disclaimer: All of a sudden today, not having a macro lens really hurt. So.. these are not astounding shots, but this furniture is very small and I did my best.)

More adventures in faerie garden work today. Kaia's been asking for furniture for her garden ever since we made her faerie house, I have finally made some! I made them out of the trimmings off one of our cherry trees, just like her house. Here are all the pieces I used to make two chairs, a table, a bed, and a bench.

I accented them all with little beads of glass, metal, and plastic with thin copper wire. Here's the bench...

The table and chairs...

The bed...

Even her house got a few touch ups and accents to match the rest of the furniture, including a set of oh-so-tiny wind chimes. The "bar" and feathers on it I made out of polymer clay.

 I am so excited for the whole thing to come together, but I don't think I can match the level of excitement that Kaia is expressing. :)


  1. I love these tiny faerie furniture but I dont have small children, well I am going to make a garden all for myself...lol
    Am now following your blog x

  2. I am making a faerie town for my grandkids. Something new will be there every time they visit. I plan to tell them they cán't touch it because the majic will disappear! It will be in my window behind the sink! I am working on the house right now and will be making a shell merry go round for the main buildings. I will be using some of your ideas thank you so much for sharing! I need to figure out how to blog is it easy?

  3. Fairy gardens are fun no matter what your age. ;)

    As far as how easy it is to blog, that depends on what you want to do with it, and how much time you have. Blogger makes it pretty easy, though, good luck!

  4. My son recently married a young lady who has a 6 year old little girl. I raised 4 boys, so doing little girl things are quite foreign to me. I think the idea of she and I making a fairy garden together will be just the ticket for us to connect on a different level. We can make it in some old wooden drawers I was going to toss. She can take one home, and when she visits we can have one here to work on. Love the magic of it all, and I hope she will too.

  5. What kind of glue did you use? I've used hot glue on a few things I've made & they are falling apart, its not holding. My fairy garden is outside.

  6. this is super cute! but could u add a step by step instruction video?


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