28 July 2008

24 Jul 08 - Kaia's crawling!

That's right, crawling! Well, by the time I got my heart out of my mouth and ran to grab the camera, she wasn't quite as energetically into it, so I didn't really get any good ones of her crawling. I got some cute ones, though!

She'd been going on hands and feet with her bum wwaaayyyy up in the air - so funny.

No, I don't feel like crawling any more right now, no matter how much you coax me!

What, mum?

 I might try a LITTLE bit more for Josh.

Now I'm just going to keep rolling onto my back.

Oh, I laughs at your pathetic attempts to get photographic evidence of me crawling!

My silly baby

Just some cute pictures of Kaia being goofy that I wanted to share.

 Cuddling with her quilt: 

 Now, you may not realize this, but not only are plants excellent conversationalists, they are also hilarious! Kaia and the house plant, an extended conversation.

Oh, so funny...

18 July 2008

Felt Board and Recycled Drum

We made a felt board! We used: scrap material we found in the closet, an old frame we found in the garage, and plexiglas that was out by the barn. Lee was able to cut it down to size with the dremel. The kids cleaned them all up, and then we had fun making things to put on it. One of the parents brought some scrap felt left-over from a halloween costume, or we would have been severely limited in colour.

All done!

  We also made a drum from the giant, empty animal crackers jug, a cardboard box, tape, and some sandy textured spray paint. They're going to paint it up nice and pretty but we haven't yet.

17 July 2008


Her potty came! She is digging sittin' on the pot by herself now. No more holding over the toilet, although she liked that, too. But did she look quite as silly and cute? I don't think so!

16 July 2008


Jam, indeed. We picked blackberries in the front yard yesterday and made a bunch of jam. There are many more berries not ripe yet, too. There were enough for us to make a ton of wine last year, but, alas, don't think we're up for it this year. The blueberry wine was better anyway. The daycare kids had it on their PB&Js today, they were so thrilled!

Waiting for the berries to cook, Kaia has a snack. :)


Attempting to make Kaia a stuffed animal. A duck-billed platypus, actually. I've never made a stuffed animal before. We'll see how that goes. The tiny prototype turned out amazingly well for me, in my opinion, anyway! Hopefully the real thing comes together well, too. I'm not incredibly happy with it so far, to be honest. His belly will be the red, and the dark blue will make his tail.