08 August 2008

The Green Tutu

Pretty happy with the pink tutu, I made a green tutu as well. These are taken out in the mossy, sand dune ridden woods in our backyard... so pretty.

The Pink Tutu

 Made a no-sew pink tutu and crown set for Miss Kaia...

Close-up of the top where the tulle attaches to the band.

Here she is in all her splendor!


Of Mice and Gnomes

Well, my gnome envy was getting to be too much for me. I wanted them so bad, but not only are they too expensive, I couldn't find any made without wool. So finally I decided to try my hand at them. I'm very happy with how they turned out, considering my complete lack of sewing skills what-so-ever. They are far from perfect, but I don't think she'll care much, at least, I hope not :D Here are first three, I plan to go through the rainbow, and then do the elements.

Oh, Gnomes!

I did end up making the entire rainbow and giving them to my niece for her birthday, I forgot to take a picture of the lot of them, though. I made the elements as well, which Kaia is lovin' on. I need to get a picture of them before they are too beat up. :)

 I also made some little organic mice for my nephew's birthday using this pattern from Sewing Stars.

05 August 2008

The Demise of Three Flowers

Look, Grandma Karleen! I'm into plants, too! Into mercilessly crushing them to death, anyway.
Same thing, right?

First, I woo them...

*touch, touch*


 And I don't even care.

Tasty good times. (Actually she was quite disgusted with her little taste...)

Wallowing in my destruction.