02 March 2011

Wintry Clouds and Snowflakes

We made some snow-laden wintry clouds with which to adorn our door. We started by crayoning in some cloud shapes for Kaia to paint in. We used freezer paper (shiny side on the back) because it holds up to toddler painting so much better than regular paper. Kaia wanted the clouds to be blue and purple, so I gave her some of each and white as well.

I had put some asterisks on the clouds, and Kaia carefully painted each of those first. Then she started making her own shapes.

She lay shape on top of shape on top of shape until finally blending them all together with her hands. While the paint was still wet, she sprinkled them with "flake" glitter.

While Kaia was industriously working on the clouds, I messed around cutting out snowflakes, using what I have always thought of as, "the ice cream cone method", but I think is really, "the six point method". If you didn't learn these in grade school, there is a tutorial here. While we waited for them to dry, we went out and played in the snow

And came in and had hot chocolate, of course.

And then I cut the clouds out and we hung them on the door, snowflakes cascading down beneath them.

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