21 March 2011

Bringing in the Spring (Make a Spring Rain Book)

Spring started with a haircut. Papa cut his hair the other morning.
That afternoon, so did Kaia.

I left her washing her hands to put Miss Katalin down in bed for her nap, and when I came back.. all her little curls, all over the counter. :( This was the first time scissors touched her hair. I cried, and she got confused. Well.. luckily she left enough to work with, she really got the sides, though. Serious mulletude.

So, through the thunderstorm of the first day of Spring, we drove to a hair shop to finish the cut. Papa and I are the only ones sad about it, Kaia is very excited.

Okay, I'll admit, I think her haircut is really cute, though I wouldn't have chosen to do it yet. She is thrilled with her short hair, so I am trying to be happy, too. :)

When we got home, we shook off the rain and started making a book about how rain helps things grow. I cut the pictures out of construction paper ahead of time, and everything was ready for her to start gluing. We talked about the stages of seed to flower as we glued. First, she "planted" the seed in the dirt, set the sun in the sky, then, on the next page, she made it rain for the seed.
The seed cracks open, and out comes a shoot. The shoot grows into a sprout, then a flower.

 She was so excited to make her own book!

Kaia decorated the cover with rain and grass.

 We reviewed the sign for Spring, which I was amazed to find out she remembered from last year.

Kaia also received a new notebook, she fills them up fast! She happily drew away, using my favourite pen which just so happens to be her favourite pen as well, and I filled in words on the pages of our book. I also added in the roots and rays of sun, which she wanted in the book but didn't want to draw herself. *shrug*

 Our completed book:

It's a very simple little book. Kaia loves it, and the next day she is still reading it over and over again.

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