13 March 2011

A Rainbow of Numbers

For the most part, Kaia has all the letters down. She can recognize each capital and lower case most of the time, although I suspect when she names every single one "G" that it's mostly to do with not being interested. ;) To be honest, at 3, I am not at all concerned with whether or not she knows her letters and numbers. At least, I wouldn't be if she weren't. She is, though. She loves letters! She's been relatively uninterested in numbers, though, until now. She's known a handful, but now that she feels on solid ground with all the letters, she's been asking about numbers non-stop. So I took out 10 different hues of construction paper, sliced each in half, and used one side to cut out numbers 1 through 10, and the other side to mount them. We got out the grotesque amount of glitter glue she received for Christmas, and she squeezed them out onto the numbers, and smooshed them all around with her hands.

This is great, because not only do you end up with shiny numbers, but you have shiny hands to boot! When she was through with the numbers, I spray mounted them on the other halves of the construction papers.

Then I taped the backs and we hung them on the big glass window, next to the glass door covered in our clouds and snowflakes.

Kaia's happy repeatedly asking me to name them and counting through them with me, and I am happy with the splash of colour they add to our lives in this world of white and grey.

We hung the counting caterpillar we made last year underneath the numbers, she does like being able to touch the numbers as she counts them.

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