08 March 2011

Get Ready For Chickens!

Right now I have got six little chickens in my bathtub. They got there far faster than my husband could believe, and took so unbelievably long to arrive for little Kaia. We've been talking and talking about them, buying chicken things, and getting ready for weeks. This is where they will be living when they get out of the tub.

This barn will be their coop, nice and roomy. It still needs a door and buried welded wire around it, but the chickies will be inside for at least a couple more months. We'll insulate it before next winter.

We'll be stretching a fence around the entire little wooded area pictured above, a bit over 5,600 square feet. Kaia helped Papa measure the perimeter before we bought chicken wire.

Their home while they get bigger and the weather gets warmer is our bathtub. Here they are, snoozing under the heat lamp in the straw. There are two Isa Browns, two Black Sex-Links, and two New Hampshire Reds.

Most of the straw other than where they sleep is covered with paper towels right now so that they will stop trying to eat the straw and find their food. I'll stop putting down the paper towels in a day or two.

It's pretty hard to peel the girls away from the babies, they are in love! We've spent a lot of time in that bathroom already, I think I will have to move in a comfy chair and a few books for the months to come. :)

I've started a new blog to record our journey in growing food and keeping chickens. Any further chicken updates and garden work can be checked out here:

Juise: Backyard Farm Edition


  1. katalin look is priceless-she looks so old!

  2. katalin's, rather! enjoy those chicks!


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