17 March 2011

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With Rainbows

Alright, it was a bit more like celebrating rainbows with rainbows. I like rainbows. I don't really know anything about St. Patrick's Day. Maybe when I do, I will change my mind, but this year... rainbows. 

I made some very quick and simple beanbag clouds with attached rainbow of streamers for both the girls. I drew clouds on white felt and cut them out with a second piece behind each, (so you have two of each cloud.)

The "streamers" I used are felt, but of course you could use any kind of ribbon or fabric. Yes, yes, I know I am missing orange! I don't have any, please don't remind me, my brain is already having conniptions over it and I am working very hard on ignoring the fact. 

Put down one layer of your cloud, right side up, and lay your streamers across it so that they come from the bottom of the cloud up. Sandwich them in the middle with your second layer of cloud, this one right side down.

 Sew across the bottom of the cloud, fixing your streamers in place. Then pull them out of the way and sew around the rest of the cloud. Leave a hole where your streamers come out large enough to turn your cloud right-side-out through. Do so, the streamers actually make this task even easier. Now have your clouds professionally filled with beans.

 Once stuffed to your satisfaction, sew up the hole. Cloud and rainbow beanbags complete.


Do you see all that ground? The snow is finally melting!

For dinner, we made a rainbow of noodles. I have to admit, I thought it was going to be a bigger to-do than it actually ended up being. Aside from the food colouring, the only extra item I used was a mixing bowl. When the noodles were cooked, I poured them from the pot to the colander, then put a couple scoops from the colander into the mixing bowl, where Kaia added a couple drops of food colouring and stirred them. When one colour was done, we dumped that batch back into the pot, and scooped some more noodles into the mixing bowl for the next colour. It only took a few minutes.

There are probably brighter rainbow noodles you can buy, but we had fun making them and this way they were still our usual organic noodles and fancy non-nasty food colouring. :) Plus, Kaia doesn't know that and she thought they were fantastic! We put to use our newly thrifted rainbow pitcher, too, which I am sooo happy with! I even gave her coloured sugar water... *gasp*

Katalin still thinks any food is exciting, so it's hard to know if she cared that they were colourful. :)

Hope you had a happy Rainbow Day! Er... I mean, St. Patrick's Day!

Over at Juise: Backyard Farm Edition, Kaia has started the seeds for her garden, and sprouted some alfalfa to eat in the kitchen. Hop on over to check it out!

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