27 March 2011

Felt Barrettes

While Kaia's Haircut touch-up went pretty well, she's still got a pretty good patch on the one side of her head that really needs to come in. While I was getting the felt out for the ring of gnomes, I found a package of barrette backings and I thought that would be just the thing... you know, for when we're out and I don't want anyone asking if my kid's got mange.

 I had the felt and hot glue gun out, so I got to work cutting, sewing, and gluing.

  We threw in some lose beads, shiny things, and tulle.

 We dissembled a fake flower and used some bits of that here and there, too. I made what Kaia wanted me to make, and I hope that will also mean she wants to wear them.

 I drew some inspiration from our Earth gnome, whom, I will admit, I've always been particularly pleased with the outcome of.

They keep the hair nicely over the spot she really hacked up. Now I will just have to see if they will stay in.

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