13 June 2011

Easter Crafts

I didn't end up being able to find the time to make as many things as I'd hoped to for the kids for Easter, but I did manage to knock out a few easier projects and do a couple with Kaia, as well. Normally I try to give credit when I try other peoples' ideas, but I don't remember where I ran into each of these and a search of teh interwebz gave me so many results that I don't think I am stealing anyone's original work. :)

We made a string of eggs to hang using watercolour paper, a handful of different small lengths of yarn for wrapping, pinking sheers, (don't use your good sewing pair!) ribbon, tape, crayons, hot glue, and watercolour paints. We used a watercolour paper I had previously demonstrated splattering to Kaia with. I cut out 5 eggs of varying sizes, and Kaia gave them some crayon.

When they were crayoned to her satisfaction, she painted over them with watercolours.

Then Kaia taped a piece of yarn to the back side and wrapped the eggs. She had a lot of fun with that. It was different, it added actual, physical texture and dimension, and the toothy edges made it really simple for her to keep the yarn where she wanted it.

 After she finished, I hot glued the eggs to a length of ribbon, and done! 

 Kaia received a "garden" to go on the wall over her bed. I drew some simple flower and grass shapes on sticky-sided fusible webbing, stuck them to a colourful variety of scrap materials, and cut them out.

When I had them all cut out, I stuffed them in a large egg for her to find, and later I ironed them to the wall.

For Katalin, I cut out three different colours and sizes of eggs in felt, and three sizes of chicks in different shades of yellow. I put each egg / chick set in an egg for her to open and play with, sticking and unsticking them.

We also paper-mached over some plastic eggs and carrots to paint and decorate with different things. On one we glued dry flower petals. On others we used sequins, lace, stickers, and paint. I apparently forgot to take a picture of the painted eggs, or the carrots.

I made the girls each a set of bunny ears out of felt and attached to a headband I covered with felt, too. Katalin's were cream with pink accents, and Kaia's the opposite.

And, of course, Kaia hunted for eggs!

If anything, she was more excited to discover in her eggs the chocolates and candies she'd help make, and they got different nuts and dried fruits as well. Just no one tell her what other kids get in their eggs and we should be good! ;)

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