02 October 2010

A Garden for the Faeries

Kaia's really liking faeries right now, especially since making our little acorn and pine cone faeries. So we decided to make a place for them to visit, and a little piece of Summer to bring in for the Winter. Something for her to take care of that is her own. Something I don't have to worry about her dumping water on, heh. We had a good sized pot back behind the barn that didn't have anything but weeds in it, so we pulled those all out. There was this one funky little thing growing in it that we left. I have no idea what it is or what it will do, but for now we left it in to be a tree by the faeries' pond.

When the pot was ready for new plants, we went out back to the woods and gathered some different types of mosses and lichens. We collected all sorts of tiny stones. We also pulled up a couple little Sedums from the garden, their small size makes them perfect for her garden and they are so tolerant and hardy. We arranged them in the pot with room for a path, pond, and structure.

We'll probably move some things around some and add more as we go, but you have to start somewhere. After getting everything in to our liking, we started laying the stones for the path. First the larger stones, then the tiny ones in between.

We made a ring around where we would like to put the pond in, and left space on one side for a house. Kaia watered it.

Now we're ready to make a house and some furniture for the faeries! And find something for the pond. We don't have any coconuts or gourds right now, but we do have some watermelons and musk melons in the garden that I am going to see if I can dry. We added some little "chicks and hens," we'll see how everyone holds up to the transfer. As you can see in the below picture, not all the moss is quite as perky and green as it was, but hopefully it will pull through. We need to fix our path already, too, it got mucked about quite a bit while shuffling things around.

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