09 October 2010

Green Tomatoes

So, despite knowing about the oncoming freeze in advance, and even though we got our booties out there and staked and covered everything with blankets ahead of time, regardless of us both having just come down utterly sick, everything froze. :( Kaia and I went out the next morning to pull the blankets off to be greeted with this:

We had a sad, but Kaia has been dying to pick those tomatoes since they started fruiting, so she was very excited to finally get to do so. And we found a real monster of a tomato, too! Kaia loved it.

We brought them in and turned a portion of them into green tomato pizza at Kaia's request.

We made a green tomato sauce...

 Then we made a "cream cheese" sauce, and topped it with roasted garlic and big slices of fresh green tomatoes. Mmm!

 It was super delicious! Now we just need to figure out what to do with the rest! Salsa? Green tomato and apple chutney? I've been eying that recipe. Any suggestions? :)

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