30 September 2010

"I Need a Boat"

So Kaia's been on about boats an awful lot lately, and finally decided that she needed a boat. Desperately. Now. Well, I had some big pieces of cardboard hanging out in the garage just in case we suddenly had great need of a boat (right?) so I hauled that out. It was pretty exciting on its own.

 Not a boat, though, so not exciting enough. I got out yee old roll o' packaging tape, and while I got started taping everything together, Kaia got a head start on decorating. Once everything was put together, I cut portholes and a door. I think I should have given the door an arch, but oh well. Didn't think of it in time. 

I traced a CD spool for most the windows, but wanted bigger ones in the door and back of the boat. I used a tupperware lid for those, then cut them all out with an exact-o blade. Kaia loved punching all the holes out once I had cut all the way around, and kept all the circular cut-outs to use as plates in her boat. 

We hauled the whole thing outside to the front lawn, and got out our paint jars. Katalin was up and very happy laying on a blanket watching us and chirping at the trees. At one point I ran inside to warm up my coffee (I do this all day...) and popped it in for 30 seconds, so was gone for, oh, 35 seconds about. When I came back she'd moved on from painting her boat to body art :)

When we were done painting, Kaia wanted to, "watch it dry," so I pulled her little table outside for dinner. It was a lazy one! Veggie burger with ketchup and veganaise, broccoli, and apples.  

After dinner, the boat was dry and it was time to play!

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