28 September 2010

The Making of a Faerie Family

Kaia spent most the day throwing up (ugh) and we spent a lot of time in the bathroom, curled up in blankets, reading books. She was feeling better come evening, though, so we decided to make a faerie family. First we got everybody ready and went acorn collecting for their little heads.

Then we gathered some rocks for the faeries to stand on.

We picked leaves to make the faeries' wings. 

After that, Katalin was fast asleep, so Papa took her inside to rest, and Kaia and I headed out back to find the rest of the things we needed. We gathered pine cones for their bodies, more leaves for wings, a few flowers, and small twigs to make arms. We were accompanied by two of our kitties, Olive and Stormy, who love to come along on walks to escort us and scout the perimeters.

 We also found a number of mushrooms that needed close inspectoring!

After playing with  a variety of sticks and then digging in the sand for awhile, we headed back home and spread our treasures out on the table.

Then we commenced with the hot gluing.  Kaia picked out the bits, and I glued them together. I even managed to do all of them with only one lasting burn. Those glue guns can be evil and vile!

And, voila! A family of faeries. Kaia headed to bed while they were still drying (I sprayed them with fixitif to try and preserve the leaves a bit,) but she spent all morning this morning playing with them. Win! I'm not sure how long the leaves will last this way, but as Fall sets in we will certainly be collecting and pressing many beautiful, colourfully painted leaves that we can use to replace these if necessary.

(Thank you Twig and Toadstool for the idea)


  1. these fairies turned out so beautiful. love how each on is unique! Isn't crafting fairies so fabulous ~ I love how it transports the creator into a fairy realm...

  2. Thank you! They were so much fun to do together. Kaia was very particular about picking out what things each should have, I love it!

  3. You are a wonderful Mom showing your girls to be happy by creating from nature.


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