04 May 2012


We had a lot of fun celebrating Beltane this year! It was a lovely warm day after a lot of chilly days, and we made our lunch a picnic. We made flower crowns which the girls adored and wore for days, despite the flowers being dead and dry come the next morning. Last year, we made dandelion chain crowns, which are fun and pretty, but fall apart fairly easily. This year I used grape vine, and they were sturdy through all the taking off, putting on, running around with, and general rough usage.

We also erected a smaller maypole from a downed branch, instead of trying to use the huge pole again, it was the perfect size for my little misses. They had a blast dancing the ribbons around the maypole.

(Little Katalin is recovering from a mighty tumble in which she attempted to take her face off.) We made some simple may baskets: paper rolled into a cone with a ribbon handle. The girls decorated them with flowers cut from the scrap paper, and collected all the flowers they could find around our home. I cut the corners off a plastic sandwich bag to tuck inside so that their flowers could have water to stay beautiful.

I had pulled this wooden box out from their Grandpa's scrap pile, and they painted it up to plant their herb garden in.

We spent most the day outside enjoying the sunshine and fair weather. It was a wonderful day, and I am so happy to be welcoming the Spring back to us.


  1. Hi!
    What a wonderful blog!
    Those flower crowns are lovely. Great idea to use grape vine. How did you manage to attach the flowers to it?

  2. That sounds like you all had a wonderful day. I used a grape vine with flowers for my wedding. I love Spring!


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