03 February 2011

Over the Holidays... (Part 1)

Well, that was a rather long and unexpected break. I could explain about all the craziness of the holidays, the gift making, the get-together hosting, the frying of the computers, the flooding of the basement, the flu, and so on, but instead, I'll just do this. Over the next couple posts I will share some of the things we made for our handmade holiday, and then we'll be moving on. I can't say it will be the last time I randomly don't update the blog for a bit, but hopefully the longest.

We'll start with these wonderful birds from That Artist Woman. She has a great tutorial on how to create them. We made the bodies as a family, and when they were dry I gave each a base coat and Kaia went to town painting them while I wired up their feet. Afterward, I added the eyes, beaks, and feathers. We gave them to Kaia's Grandparents. I forgot to take a picture of them before giving two away, so I will have to snag one when we are next visiting and add them.

Kaia adored watching these birds take shape and come to life. They were all very well played with by the time they were wrapped up to gift. :)

The last of our orchard picked apples were starting to go squishy, so we peeled off the spongy outside and sliced them for dehydrating. They were getting so soft that they were difficult to slice without them falling apart, so the ones that crumbled we chopped up and called "apple nibblers". These turned out to be Kaia's favourite. We sprinkled a few with cinnamon and sugar, they went first. ;)


  1. Hey Juise,
    Love the birds!! They turned out fantastic and thanks for linking to me. I would be most appreciative if I could borrow a photo of your finished birds to post in the gallery on my sidebar with a link back to your blog of course!
    Thanks for letting me know about your experience crafting the birds...I am thrilled they turned out so well.

  2. Thank you! I would love for you to use a photo of our birds in your gallery, though I wish I'd gotten a better shot of them :)

  3. Dear Juise,

    This birds are absolutely amazing. They have so much personality. I also loved seeing your post about pomander balls. Your child is precious, and I can see that she is absorbed and enjoying the experience of touching and smelling and seeing very much!!! Thank you for telling me about your experience! love, Beth

  4. P.S. Thank you for linking!

  5. Beth,

    Thank you, watching her grow, learn, and explore her world is so amazing. At the same time that I can't wait for the days to come, I'll be sad to see these go.


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