10 December 2010

A Simple Drawstring Bag

After our pomander ball lost some of its novelty, Kaia became frustrated that she couldn't remove the clementine and play with the shiny green bag. I made a very quick, simple drawstring bag for her out the the same material and lined it with a scrap of black corduroy. She's quite happy with it and willing now to let the pomander ball continue to be a pomander ball. After making one, I think I may make more as reusable "wrapping" for holiday gifts, so sweet and simple.

Trace and cut two circles of fabric. I traced a dinner plate with chalk and the circles are 9 inches in diameter (or nearly 23 cm.) Sew them right sides together, leaving a gap just big enough to turn your pouch right-side-out.

And yes, I am working on my kitchen floor. That is so I can look at this on the floor next to me while I work:

Back on task. After you sew around the outside, turn your fabric right-side-out and sew up the hole. Put another line of stitches a bit further in, all the way around. There only needs to be enough space in between to accommodate the string you plan to use. I used ribbon, so my gap is a bit larger than it would need to be for, say, a shoelace. 

Cut two little holes next to each other through the first layer of fabric in the space between your stitching. I then went around the holes with a few blanket stitches to help strengthen them followed by wrapping the edges with stitches, as a buttonhole is done. I would post the picture but it turned out to be terribly out of focus, so I will spare you. Now you're pretty much done, run your string through one hole, around the bag, and out the other. I did this by tying my ribbon to a safety pin and pushing it through. Either simply tie knots at the ends of your lace to keep it from pulling through, or, if your lace doesn't knot large enough (like my ribbon,) tie some beads on the ends.

Pull tight, fill with little treasures or yummy treats! Kaia filled hers with glass stones we're using for another project. I suppose I didn't need all of them. ;)

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