24 November 2010

Maintenance Update

Okay, so it has been 2 weeks. 
This won't be the first deadline I've missed. By a lot. 
It's been a lot of work, though. I needed to take down, re-size, and re-upload every picture I've ever posted on my blog, and I decided to make the look of the blog mine while I was at it as well. No more pre-made template for me! I don't have very much computer time in my life to begin with and just to make things a bit more interesting, my computer has been completely on the fritz of late. One result of this was that while trying to change over all these pictures, I wasn't actually able to open any of the folders most of the pictures are stored in. Eurgh. Such is my life, though, these things no longer surprise me. I am, however, about done and should be able to get posting again in the next day or two.

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