25 November 2010

Catching Up On Our Activities (Take 1)

Here is the promised list of some of the things we've been up to during our blog down time.

We'll share some of our fall decorations posted just before I will be taking them down, woops! It just took so long to redo the site.We hung up this turkey, an old craft done by some of our friends...

...and cut out a rainbow of leaves to hang with apples on our tree, (which is getting pretty beat up and I do believe needs replacing now, not to mention the paint on the basement walls!)

Kaia rediscovered one of the cat masks we made for Mardi Gras and has been having great fun with it all over again. We bought plain masks and cut and glued ears on out of craft foam and painted, glittered, and bedazzled them.

We made a jumping cup frog from this tutorial. Kaia is still finding it a bit tricky to let go of both tabs at the same time, so he mostly crashes. She has great fun trying, though, and loves watching it launch when other people do it for her.

We discovered dry erase crayons! They are so cool. She's been using them on the windows and mirrors, too, and totally loves them.

My Mum showed Kaia how to make a wreath for our front door. Kaia selected the branches, and helped wrap the wire by dropping it through the center of the wreath for Grandma to catch and pull back around.

I started on a play quilt for Katalin. On this square the tree and sun are stuffed, the cloud is soft, fuzzy fleece, and the yarn grass is only attached (quite firmly) at the bottom so it can be twiddled and pulled. The shiny, green material is also scraps left over from making my wedding dress.

We also made bath stickers, these are so fabulous! They are cut out of sheets of thin craft foam and adhere with the surface tension from water when you dunk them. We found them here on Filth Wizardly and are completely smitten now. We started with the sun, some trees, bushes, flowers, and mushrooms and I brought the foam sheets and some scissors with us. As Kaia thought of things she wanted, I cut like mad.

I brought really crummy scissors since I knew they'd be getting wet and they were pretty difficult to work with, especially when Kaia wanted spiders. She didn't seem to mind, though. This spider ate the flowers off the bush.

The spiders needed hats and all manner of food to eat. Including, but not limited to; apples, cereal, grapes, pumpkins, and chips. After those, they proceeded to eat the rest of the scenery. Here they are finishing off the sun. They were incredibly hungry.

We ended with at least twice as many stickers as we began with. There will be many more to come, and I will be making sets for nearly all the kids on our Christmas list. It is hard to get out of the bath now. She loves them. They float and so are easy to skim off the top of the bath before draining, and then they go in a baggie for storage. Just be sure to leave the baggie open when the "stickers" are wet so they don't mold... and your spiders don't suffocate. ;)

With a bowl of water, you can use these practically anywhere. Windows, fridge, doors, etc. Kaia likes playing with them on our oven door while I do dishes.

I'll post another list of some more of our crafts in another day or two, then we should be all caught up. Take care!

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