07 September 2011

Simple Summer Activities

 Wrapping up the rest of my small "Simple Summer Activities" series, here is a photographic list of all the little things we do, day to day, outside during the Summer. The little things that take neither prep, nor special materials. The simple things.

Go on a hike.

Dress up.

Collect treasures.


Paint with water.

Plant a garden, or a veggie bed.

Build sand castles.

Eat lots of watermelon.

Climb a tree.

Play with water.

Blow bubbles.

Have a picnic. Even if it is in your yard.

Have a fire.

Sidewalk chalk. Try it dry, and wet.

Camp. Even if it is in your yard.

Eat outside. Lots.

Take a walk.

Go on a bike ride.

Pick wildflowers, (but not too many from one plant or one place.)

Go to the park

Make popsicles.

I can't believe Summer is already coming to a close. I love Autumn, but I am not really ready for the upcoming Winter. I am trying hard to be happy about every season, and I do like Winter for a while, but I am already dreading the way it takes forever to loosen its dreary grip. Ugh.

Until then, there is still a lot of look forward to in the seasons to come.

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